On what devices can I watch TauroCast?

You can access all contents from your PC or Macbook, as well as downloading the TauroCast app for smartphones, iPhone and Android. Besides, TauroCast is available in iPad and Android format. All contents can be played from a single device simultaneously.

Do I need to have the TauroCast App in order to access the content?

It is not necessary. You can enjoy the events through any modern web browser whether computer, mobile, Tablet, Smart TV ...

Here are the minimum requirements for some common browsers:

  • Chrome 34+ (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Firefox 42+ (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1)
  • Edge (Windows 10)
  • Safari (Mac iOS8)
  • Opera (Windows/Mac/Linux)

What internet speed to I need?

In order to enjoy top HD quality, it is advised to use a connection exceeding 5mb down. The content can be visualized in lower quality with a connection as slow as 1mb. Independently of the information provided by your internet provider, it is advised that you undertake a speed test at in order to ensure you comply with the requirements.

You also need to be connected to the same internet connection during content playback. This means that you can see TauroCast from anywhere with internet, but if it is in motion (for example in a vehicle) your IP can change and therefore affect the transmission of the content. If this happens, you can resume playback by returning to the main page.

From which countries can I access TauroCast?

TauroCast is available worldwide as long as there are no connection restrictions or national or regional legislations which limits access to our platform.

How do I do the set up to watch TauroCast on TV ?

You can watch it on your TV in the following ways:

  • If you have a Smart TV you can watch TauroCast from your TV's internet browser.
  • Connect your computer to your television via HDMI cable.
  • Send your content from your mobile to an Apple TV, Chromecast or compatible DLNA devices (both have to be connected to the same internet connection).

You do not have to buy any device or decoder, you only need internet access. Here's how to mirror if you have Chromecast.

Chromecast is a streaming media player that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, allowing you to stream content from your Apple or Android device to your TV. Some Smart TV televisions already include this technology.

Step 1

Install and set up Chromecast in order to be able to send content from your mobile device to your TV.
Read the set-up instructions on your Chromecast device.

Step 2

Access the TauroCast App on your iOS/Android device. Access the bullfight you wish to see and click on the TV icon

Step 3

Choose your TV on the device’s list and automatically the visualisation of the chosen content will start. You can use your mobile device to pause, rewind, forward or resume the visualisation of the content.

Step 4

Enjoy the content on your TV in a revolutionary way; with the highest definition and latest technology at your reach from any place, on any device.